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The team

Reverand Jim Stewart


Rev Jim Stewart

My name is the Rev Jim Stewart and I have been the Minister at Letham St Mark's Church since the 19th March, 1997.  This is my first charge and together with my wife Anne and four children, we have grown to love and cherish this Church and community.

Ove these years we have seen many highs and lows together but we can all testify to Jesus' abiding love and grace to see us through and lead us on.

As the Minister, I am pastor and preacher and a leader of the Church within the Kirk Session.

Pastoral Care Worker

Mrs Lynn McKay 

Tel: 07849 717792

Hello, my name is Lynn McKay and I am the newly appointed part-time Pastoral Care worker for Letham St Mark's.  I have taken on the role from the lovely Anne, who is enjoying her retirement.

This is all very new to me as my work background was children's libraries, children's books, school and nursery visits.  It will be very different visiting grown-ups in their homes, care homes or hospital.  I look forward to visiting familiar and not so familiar faces over the coming months and hearing your stories rather than me telling stories!

I have been coming to Letham St Mark's since I was a child and became a member in 1979.  Over the years, I have helped at Sunday School, Youth Fellowship and now volunteer at our cafe, LSM Connections on a Tuesday. 


I am married to Donald and we have one daughter, Eilidh.....and a wee dug called Alba!

Lynn - Pastoral Worker.png

Community Development Worker

Neil Slowman

07549 104044


Hi. I’m Neil, Community Development Worker for Letham St Mark’s. My aim is to communicate, throughout the area within which Letham St Mark’s is situated, the message of truth, hope, peace, and reconciliation that is in the Lord Jesus Christ. To achieve this, I support the development of connections between our church facilities and congregation with local community projects, households, and individuals.

I first heard and responded to God’s Good News when I was 14 years old but did not really understand what I was doing. From the age of 24 I have sought to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time working with those on the edges of society and most recently, prior to starting this post, I completed a BA in Theology at the Highland Theological College which is part of the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Tracey - Website photo.png

Church Centre Manager

Tracey White

Hello, my name is Tracey White, I am the Church Centre Manager for Letham St Mark’s.  I have been in this post since 2005.


I manage all that goes on in our Church building including dealing with the many church and community groups who meet here.  I also manage our Church cafe, LSM Connections and oversee our fantastic team of volunteers. 

The Church office is a busy wee place, I am very glad to be ably assisted on a Thursday morning by  Susan Leslie.  Along with my office duties, I assist our Minister, Jim at funerals and weddings in the role of Church Officer. 

I am very grateful for the opportunities I have every day to show a little bit of Jesus’ love to the people who come through our doors whether it be dealing with bookings for conferences or helping someone who needs a foodbank voucher, I am always available as a listening ear and always here to have a wee blether with.  

I am Session Clerk along with Irene. I support the Minister in the management of Church business. 

I am also the Sunday School Superintendent. 


An ex police officer, I am now a Blue Badge Tourist Guide.  I am married to Susan in the Praise Band and we have 2 teenage daughters. 

Jim Leslie

I have been Session Clerk along with Jim Leslie for over a year now.   I’m responsible for the administration work of the Kirk Session.  


As well as working in a busy solicitors office in my free time I love to go walking with my dogs and read historical novels. 

Irene Wilkie
Treasurer logo


Gillian Forsyth

Gillian Forsyth is our Treasurer.


She administers the church finances, keeps up-to-date with
financial regulations and produces the year-end accounts.

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